Electric Buddy Chat #02 : Panel ATS – AMF

After previously the GCI Team discussed the Capacitor Bank Panel, this time the GCI Team is back to discuss the ATS-AMF Panel. The ATS and AMF panels are part of the Low Voltage Main Distribution Panel (LVMDP). Panel Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is a panel that functions to move the power source automatically. Meanwhile, the […]

Spirit To Live More Grateful

2020 was not an easy year for everyone. We all know that 2020 was marked by the Covid-19 virus pandemic. There are many things to go through and do to survive and adapt to this pandemic situation. Everyone struggled and worked hard to survive through all this process. Many eventually give up on circumstances, but […]

Genset Panel Types and Functions

Please note that the generator panel is also called the ATS (automatic transfer switch) panel. The use of the ATS panel is to move electric power automatically from the source, namely PLN to the generator, this transfer occurs when the electricity goes out. The reverse transfer is also carried out when the electricity has returned to […]

Schneider Cubicle Wiring And How To Operate Maintenance Conditions

One of several types of cubicles there are also schneider type cubicles. This cubicle is a medium voltage panel that has the function of controlling, measuring, switching and protecting 20 KV electricity. As one of the important components of medium voltage electricity, it certainly has procedures for operating it. Here you are explained how to […]

Breaking the Limits to Fly Higher

2021 will be the year Galleon dares to make a new breakthrough. After successfully passing 2020 well and without faltering, slowly in 2021, Galleon is trying to achieve something new. To perfect Galleon’s vision and mission as a strong, superior and trusted provider of electrical solutions, Galleon took the step to join the Association of […]