Can Low Voltage Damage Home Appliances?

Most homeowners think that only high-voltage electricity can damage household appliances. However, this is not true because even low voltages can potentially cause major problems in home appliances up to a fire hazard.

Low voltage is a basic concept that refers to a lower than normal level of electrical power. Therefore, it is important to treat low voltage problems immediately to prevent anything dangerous from happening. In this article, we will discuss the problem of low voltage at home, its causes and how to overcome it.

What Does Low Voltage or Low Voltage Mean?

Low voltage or low voltage means that the electric voltage experiences an unexpected decrease in the electrical circuit. Common causes of decreased mains voltage are natural impedance of conductors, faulty switches, branch wires, or high resistance in home electrical circuits.

The cause of fire in low voltage conditions is when the problem is not handled in time, high amperage plus poor insulation. In addition, low voltage can cause components to melt and have an effect on equipment damage.

Can You Prevent Low Voltage at Home?

To prevent home appliances from being damaged due to low voltage conditions, homeowners must solve the low voltage problem first. Here are some prevention as well as solutions for low voltage problems.

Use a quality-assured power grid

Using a quality power grid is one way you can do to prevent low voltage problems at home. This has an effect because even if the electrical system in your home is in good condition, you will still have problems if the main network voltage is low.

Quality power is of paramount importance and homeowners should work closely with electrical distribution system operators to ensure your home is supplied with good quality electricity.

Handles voltage fluctuations

Some homes may have optimal voltage but fluctuate from high to low. If suddenly the house lights are flickering, chances are that the electrical voltage in your house is experiencing voltage fluctuations from high to low.

Generally voltage fluctuations are not a big problem because the electric distributor has implemented some safety measures. For example they may have ensured that heavy duty installations are not connected to low voltage grids.

Low voltage is a serious problem, but bigger problems can occur when overloads, short circuits, and voltage surges cause unforeseen interruptions.

How Should Home Appliances Be Safe from Damage Due to Low Voltage?

Every home owner can take several precautions to reduce the potential damage to home appliances from low voltage.

Buy equipment that has SNI

SNI quality equipment is made to operate even when subjected to voltage fluctuation conditions. Therefore, before buying equipment, make sure that the equipment you buy includes SNI or is able to withstand voltage fluctuations because some equipment cannot withstand voltage spikes that can be caused by a condition such as a lightning strike.

Installing a surge protector

Surge protectors can help protect home appliances by limiting the voltage or diverting surges. This tool is effective for preventing downtime, repairing electrical systems and reducing potential equipment damage caused by power surges.

Low voltage is a critical problem which usually goes undetected or ignored to the point of causing losses. If you suspect low voltage in your home, call a professional immediately.

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