Get to know Bank Capacitor Panels with the GCI Team

Panel Capacitor Bank is a panel consisting of several capacitor units mounted in series or parallel. Bank capacitor panels can be used in industrial/factory, offices, apartments and other buildings.

The function of the capacitor bank is to reduce reactive power. It should be noted that there are two types of PLN power, namely active power and reactive power. Active power is visible power, while reactive power is invisible power. In the power triangle there is such a thing as phase angle or cos phi (cos j). Well, the function of the capacitor bank is to reduce the phase/cos phi angle and improve the power factor so that it is not below the PLN cos phi standard.

PLN’s cos phi standard is at 0.85. If it is less than this standard, then we will be fined KVAr (KVArh). To avoid this, we have to improve the phi cos by using a capacitor bank panel. If we use a capacitor bank panel, then the cos phi or power factor will be at 0.95-0.99, and thus we can avoid KVAr (KVArh) fines from PLN.

The capacitor bank panel components can vary, depending on customer demand and usually also depend on the later use of the capacitor bank. The main safety component or circuit breaker can use a Load Breaker Switch (LBS) and a Circuit Breaker (CB) such as ACB and MCCB. Other components are the MCB, Fuse and Power Factor Module.

What indicators determine that we need to use capacitor bank panels? The indicator is that if there is a KVArh charge, then we can be sure that we need to use a capacitor bank panel.

To get to know more about capacitor bank panels, let’s take a look at the GCI team’s short talk on our Youtube channel:


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