Understand what is SDP Panel and Components Inside

The SDP panel is a panel that connects electricity from transformers that will be used to homes or industries for ready-to-use electricity. The price of an electrical panel is determined by size, material, model, as well as specifications. Each electrical panel has 10 different electrical components on each panel,

1. ACB (Air Circuit Breaker),

Used for low voltage around 380 kV, which uses air pressure for the switching process.

2. MCCB (Moulded Case Circuit Breaker)

This is also a component that is on the SDP panel which is used for industrial as well as commercial fields, and usually for heavy equipment.

3. MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker)

Electrical circuit breakers that are usually in the house are also commercial.

4. Thermal Overload Relays

5. Pilot Lamp

This tool serves as a marker when there is an incoming current or voltage. The distribution voltage will have several terms, namely R, S, T using the colors blue, yellow and red.

6. Ampere Meters

To show the amperage load on an electric machine that can be used continuously.

7. CT (Current Transformer)

8. Volt Meter

Almost the same function as an ampere meter, however, it is more complete starting from the watts that have been used, as well as the power factor.

9. Magnetic Contactors

Using the working principle of a magnetic field generated by an electric current. The contractor generates a magnet which can be called a coil which attracts NO (normally open) contacts to NC (normally close)

10 Push Buttons

It is an important control component, because to connect the current, if the current connects, N/O (normally open) is green and if the release button or N/C is released, the voltage will be released in red.

The electrical components above, function to maintain the flow of electricity so that it continues to run normally so that it is not overloaded which can cause sparks and then fire.

The sub distribution panel type or the abbreviation SDP panel is one that uses the MCCB electrical component to transmit electricity from the LVMDP panel or Low Voltage Main Distribution Panel. LVMDP has a function to check the power from the transformer then flow it back to the LVSDP panel or Low Voltage Sub Distribution Panel. The function of LVSDP is to transmit power to various electronic devices at home and other fields that require electricity as a driver.

The order of the electricity distribution system from the PLN substation to homes and industries is, electricity from the PLN substation with 35 kV to 245 kV or high voltage electricity is channeled to the MVMDP panel through the electricity transformer, medium voltage, namely 1 kV to 35 kV then, is supplied to the LVMDP panel and becomes a low voltage, that is, 50 volts to 1 kV. The gradual decrease in electric voltage usually uses a step-down transformer.

Furthermore, regarding the MCCP or Motor Control Central Panel, it is the center for controlling several motor engines such as pumps, fans, etc. The main components of the MCCP panel are MCCB, contactor, relay, timer, thermal, push button, pilot lamp.

Finally, the SDP panel is a panel that converts electricity into ready-to-use electricity with a voltage according to the electronics to be used. SDP has many components apart from flowing electricity but also lowering the voltage so that short circuits do not occur.

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